Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Neither candidate holds the cure

I have been following this presidential election closer than any other, and for the first time I have dug deeper into the political earth and discovered how complex and intriguing the relationship is between the Christ-follower and government.

After watching last night's debate, I was left with a nagging sense that neither candidate will be the answer we really need.

As I ponder these things this morning, I believe that we as believers desperately need to recognize a few things during this political contest (and they are listed in progressive levels of importance):

1. We have the God-given privilege to vote for the candidate that we believe will manage government in a way that most glorifies God and builds His kingdom. We should cherish this privilege and act upon it.

2. We must respect our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who sit on the other side of the political aisle. In the realm of eternity, I believe it matters more how the church exemplifies Christ' love and unity than how they vote.

3. Most of all, it is imperative that we remember that neither candidate in any election holds the cure for the dilemma of sin. I read this quote from Spurgeon this morning:
“Gethsemane provides the medicine for the ills which followed upon the forbidden fruit of Eden.”
What our country and world really needs is a leader who can cure our sin sickness, which poses an even greater threat than the financial crisis that is looming over us.

Let me be clear about this - The relationship between a Christian and government is an important one that should be soberly considered. And, we as Christ-followers must do all we can to make  a difference in the political landscape. However, at the end of the day - We can be thankful that we serve a King who not only holds all things together by His mighty hand, but who died upon a cross so that all our infirmities might be laid on Him.

No matter who wins the election next month, we as the church must remember our primary duty - Living  and breathing the gospel to every creature. This is the cure that the world really needs.

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